Empties #10

Happy Trashy Tuesday! Today I’m sharing yet another empties! I’ll probably have another 2 up before my no-buy is over since I’m working just with what I have.

The only one of these products I am tossing to the side are the makeup wipes. Of all the makeup wipes I’ve used, these are my favorite from Target. However, I’m officially quitting makeup wipes altogether. My favorite way to get ride of makeup is with a baby wipe! They are super gentle and do a great job of getting your makeup off. I like Water Wipes the best so they don’t irritate your eyes and the cloth is really thick.

Other than that, all of these products are a big win. One product I am really missing right now is the night cream from Boots. I’ve raved about this cream before and it is incredible. It feels so soft, luxurious and really plumps up the skin. Huge win if you need a new night cream, especially as the colder months approach.

That’s all for now! More empties to be continued…



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