Skincare Samples First Impressions


I’ve been on a kick lately of trying to use up product. I’m overflowing a bit right now with samples/travel size products so I’m trying to use them up. While I was able to get more than one use out of some of these products, for the most part this is a first impressions. There were some things I really liked and others I washed off my face after putting them on…


All of these products were really great, but there were a few standouts:

  • Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation and BB Cream: I was hoping I wouldn’t like these because of the price tag, but they were absolutely gorgeous. The foundation didn’t have the best wear time and started breaking up around the 4-5 hour mark, but I didn’t really mind because of how naturally it faded and broke up. It didn’t turn splotchy or gross. If I were to buy one, I’d probably go with the BB cream. Gorgeous coverage.
  • Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream: Simply put, this just felt like luxury. The texture of this moisturizer was so unique, super soft, and overall felt like a dream.


These bottom two rows were terrible. Quick rundown:

Feels good to finally throw these away. Bye, samples. Until the next online order…


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