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I didn’t grow up wanting to work in social media. It wasn’t an option. In second grade, I said I wanted to be a dolphin trainer, but living in the Midwest kind of makes marine biology difficult.

As an English major with Mass Communications and Communications Studies minors, I write…a lot. I’ve found that the platform I enjoy writing on most is online. I started blogging as a hobby and a way to justify the amount of makeup I had. Suddenly, I was immersed in this incredible little corner of the internet: the beauty community.

Blogging and Instagramming (still confused how this isn’t officially a verb yet) have allowed me to combine all of my talents and interests into one: writing, photography, creativity, and socializing with others. The incredible part of all of this is that now, working in Social Media is a viable profession. My parents have always told me to chose a job I’ll love and at this point in my life, it’s what I want to wake up in the morning and do everyday.

So, let’s get to why we’re here: I want to become L’Oréal’s first ever Editor-In-Gloss. I cannot imagine a more incredible opportunity than working as a social media guest editor for L’Oréal all while having a mentor. I am perfect for this position because I have a passion for all things beauty and love social media. I think social media is a powerful tool that can help connect, inspire, and entertain. I am confident using all forms of social media and understand that each has its own unique purpose in order to effectively communicate with the audience. Becoming L’Oréal’s first ever Editor-In-Gloss would be an incredible honor and the next step in reaching my dream job. So, let’s work together, L’Oréal…I think it’d be pretty fun.

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