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Yes I stayed up until 3:30 and then turned around 3 hours later, woke up, and went to the store. Thank you to my boyfriend for listening to me yell at my laptop, my roommates for trying to help me get on the website, and my friend for letting me use his car! I got all of the clothes I was hoping for online and in the morning was in search of the mugs, printed tote, headbands, and a scarf.

I was the third person in line, behind two friends who looked in their late 30’s. They were adorable, one a schoolteacher and the other a librarian. As more arrived, I chatted with the first two women, a mother/daughter duo, and another girl, slightly older than me. We formed a bond, we knew what each other wanted and were willing to help. We laughed, plotted, and became more anxious as the line behind us grew longer.


8:00 – The doors open. To the left, accessories. To the right, clothes. I grab the tote and scarf.

8:01 – All of the clothes are off the rack.

8:03 – I arrive at home decor and the woman in front of me grabs the one set of mugs. I watch as she reaches up, smiles, and takes them off of the display. My inner mug collector begins to cry (I love mugs). I quickly move on though and grab the pillow that will perfectly match my bedspread.

8:04 – I head to the beauty section. I grab the last 2 pairs of blue headbands (one for me, one for my roommate) along with the white. I told myself I last night that I didn’t need a polish but cave when I see Borrowed & blue.

8:05 – I’ve now circled the entire Target in 5 minutes. One shift dress has reappeared on the rack. I grab it for good measure. It’s a tad too tight in the hips and when I offer it to the vulture like girl standing outside the dressing room, she informs me that she wears a smaller size than the one in my hand.

8:13 – I run into the mother/daughter duo from outside. Looking at our carts, we are happy. I end up giving them the scarf as I reflect on my order from that night and realize I don’t really need it. No regrets about that one.

8:18 – I call my parents. They are very confused why their daughter is awake.

8:44 – Groceries and Lilly in hand, I walk out of the store, triumphant.

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Luckily, there wasn’t any of this at my store, but obviously it happened elsewhere:


I cleaned up pretty well. One girl on Instagram wanted to sell the mugs ($30? I believe) for $130+ and the sadder part is, people will buy it. Calm down and let the prices drop! Don’t give them that satisfaction! Rant over.

ALSO I will have a summer giveaway live at the beginning of June that is including a Lilly headband (DON’T PAY $50 ON EBAY), hair ties, a nail file, and so many other summer treats. Just a heads up! xoxo


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